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Scrum Training and Certification Programs

Here are TOP 3 (most popular) Scrum Training & Certification offering from ACusBus. These are amongst the most sought after scrum related certification in the agility space. Also, do note – our trainers are not academics, but they come with several years of industry experience and practical/on-job knowledge. If you are looking for “Scrum Certification“, look no further – opt for the most suitable one of your choice.

As a high level guideline:

  1. If you are with Project Management background or liking, and willing to play the role of facilitating Scrum engagements in your organization – go for “Scrum Inc. Scrum Master™
  2. If you are with Business Analytics or Product Management background (or liking), please opt for – “Scrum Inc. Product Owner™
  3. In case you are already well versed with agile way of working and trying to explore the approaches of scaling Scrum beyond few teams or planning to drive an “agile transformation”, then you should go for – “Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner
Online Scrum CertificationOnline Training DateWorkshop Sign-up Link
Scrum Master FoundationSept TBD 18:00 - 18:45 HRS ISTFREE Scrum Training Book Now
Scrum Master Foundation "Certification" WorkshopSept TBD 19:00 - 20:00 HRS ISTTBD
Certified Scrum@Scale PractitionerSept 17, 18 09:00 - 16:00 HRS IST (both days)Top Rated Certification
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Free Scrum Training

In case you are in doubt or just curious about Scrum – let us help you answer all questions through our Free Online Scrum Training! We do a monthly workshop – where our experienced Coaches/Professionals/Trainers come and answer all your doubts. But to ensure quality, we maintain a size of 8 – 10 per session. If you are interested to learn Scrum over a Free Online Workshop – think no more, please book your spot at “Scrum Master Foundation” training above.